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Techcodian, an acclaimed software company, provides highly advanced technological services and products in web designing, web development, mobile applications, customized web-based software development, E-commerce solutions, web hosting services, digital marketing, and graphics designing. Our cutting edge designs and technology benefits our customers vastly in meeting their strategic needs and expectations.

We not only create an online presence for your business but also help in promoting it by providing excellent digital marketing services.

Techcodian has a wide range of solutions for each and every industry including e-commerce, travel & tourism, education, food, financial, healthcare, telecom, etc. As the whole world is going online, we believe that every business from small scale to large scale must have an online presence. We provide informative and attractive IT solutions to help your business grow rapidly.

We are a skilled and professional team with specialization and experience in designing, developing, testing, and digital marketing of web applications that best suit your business needs and function smoothly for better consumer experience.

What We Do?

Techcodian is a company with passion and is experienced in creating web applications that are beautiful as well as functional too. We provide every service you need for online presence and growth of your business. We offer services such as website designing, website development, apps development, unique website software development, web hosting services, graphic designing, etc. We also provides digital marketing and SEO marketing services to help in promoting your business as well with lifetime support.

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Techcodian is constantly involved in research & development and uses the latest technologies available to build an elegant and professional website. Techcodian has professional web developers expert in using technologies such as PHP, HTML 5, Laravel, Wordpress, ASP.NET, CSS & SAAS, Open Source, Magento, Opencart, coordinator, Android app, iOS app, CakePHP CMS, Laravel CMS, Codeigniter CMS, Wordpress, and Microsoft.Net.

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